• Writing Links for Advanced Writers: The following document is a compilation of useful links I've discovered for teaching more advanced writers.  It is by no means comprehensive, but I've used these sites repeatedly as these are recurring issues with my students.
  • Listening to Academic Lectures Online: I've been developing this site to aid advanced students in their preparation for listening to academic lectures.  This material was presented as a poster presentation at TESOL 2010 (Boston).

Presentation Resources from Workshops by Dave Onufrock

Managing Your Professional Life

This presentation has been given annually at Wheaton Graduate School's summer Practicum class.  

Teaching Conversational English

"Teaching Conversational English"

Seminar Abstract:
This presentation will examine fundamental conversation skills as well as techniques for teaching them.  Participants will apply the information in two hands-on activities, the first being as a textbook would present them and the second allowing for customization to participants' various contexts.

Presentation at the ESL Ministry Conference, April, 2009
by:Dave Onufrock

Using Strategies to Help ESL Students Become Skilled Readers

Using Strategies to Help ESL Students Become Skilled Readers

Targeting Reading Skills in the ESL Classroom

Seminar Abstract:
This presentation will provide a brief explanation of and implementation strategies for the core reading skills.  Participants will see sample materials and experience practice of several reading skills.  Discussion will also address other related issues, such as follow-up techniques, materials selection and development, student motivation and vocabulary building.

Presentation at
the ESL Ministry Conference, April, 2008
by:Dave Onufrock

Vocabulary Building

"Four Ingredients for Successful Student-driven Vocabulary Building"

Seminar Abstract:  
Interested in student-motivated vocabulary building?  Discover four useful, adaptable ingredients for encouraging students of all proficiency levels to take ownership of vocabulary-building.   Participate in several student-created games.   You can do it if you are serious and can dedicate class time.

Presentation at TESOL 2004, Long Beach, CA
by:Dave Onufrock


"Six Strategies for Inspired Student Storytelling"

Seminar Abstract:  
Is listening to the tape and repeating dialogue getting old?  Tired of hearing about restaurants in my country and environmentalism today?  Invigorate your class's speaking dimension by using student storytelling.  Learn six great ways to get your students telling stories in your classroom to improve their speaking skills.

Presentation at TESOL 2002, Salt Lake City, UT

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