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Ben Yoder

I've been an ESL instructor for 19 years, having taught in the People’s Republic of China for two years in the mid ‘80s, and in IEPs at both the University of Illinois at Chicago and William Rainey Harper College. My bachelor's is in secondary education—English, and my M.A. is in ESL. 

Besides my professional background, I'm interested in storytelling (obviously!), organic gardening, genealogy/family history, reading, fiction writing, and Sunday School teaching.

To contact me, please email Dave at the address below.  Your message will be forwarded.

My bachelor's degree is in Communications with an emphasis in radio broadcasting.  After working in radio production for two and a half years as the Assistant Producer of a nationally syndicated radio program on the Moody Broadcasting Network,  I attended Wheaton Graduate School where I earned a Master's degree in TESOL. 

I've been involved in ESL since 1995 in various capacities (instructor, curriculum development, etc.) and in a variety of program types (community college programs, workforce training, tutoring).  I'm currently in an Intensive English Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

My priorities in life are my family (my wife and my two children), my relationship with God through Jesus Christ, my work and my friends.  To escape the pressures of life, I enjoy being outside camping and hiking, as well as shooting photographs.

Dave Onufrock
Tutorium in Intensive English

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